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Following the ALRC SORC meeting yesterday there is a new procedure for Roll cage tags.
All Roll cages will now need a Yellow fit for purpose tag. The first yellow tag is free as this is a change being implemented by the ALRC.
In future if a cage is damaged and the Tag is removed by a log book scrutineer, only the yellow tag will be removed. The older Red tag or Newer Blue will remain on the cage for identification.
Richard Banks and Richard Smith have a stock of Yellow tags as Club log book scrutineers.
This change is effective immediately. If you are going to be at an MROC event and need a Yellow tag please inform RB or RS before the event. Contact details are in the Green Book or MROC Journal.


Richard Banks

Scruitineering Secretary

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April - Eastnor Castle

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Coney Green CCVT Report - Nov 2012

Coney Green.JPGThanks to Pete, Keith and Graham Wooldridge for laying the CCVT sections at out Coney Green Farm.  I arrived mid morning on Saturday to find the site very wet and quite slippy under foot.  Driving around the site I finally caught up with them in the scramble track, which was very wet indeed. I did think it was going to be a bit of a nightmare on trials day due to the wet conditions . The guys had already laid the first three sections out at the bottom of the woods near the camping field, and two sections along the lower hill side using the grass banks and the weather to create a slippy section, at the end of the day 7 sections had been laid out including on the hill side that can be seen from the main road.

I also met up with Dan, Ben and there team who were also laying out for the RTV, some sections looking a little scary from what i could see.  Thanks Dan for the cup of tea.

Arriving on site Sunday to a chilly morning, Richard Banks, Richard and Ruth Smith, one CCVT car and one RTV car present  Slowly the site filled up totaling eight CCVT entries and what looked like a very good RTV turn out.  This was my first event as CCVT sec so thanks go out the Gyln Philips for helping me out and showing me the ropes, and thanks for doing drivers briefing Glyn! ! As ever thanks to the Dodge Family and Pete Wooldridge for turning up and marshaling the event.

We headed of the the first section which was the slippy grass section and looking at a few faces of experienced drivers, they were not overly impressed with the section, but it caught them out on the slippy ground and i think only 2 drivers clearing it. We wont go on about Russell Cook missing a gate out and getting a 6, and probably best not mention Hamish Grundy not being able to turn up a grass bank and getting an 8......

Coney Green (1).JPGSection 2 was back down to the main field to have a slightly rougher challenging section in the woods, on this section laying it out Keith managed to roll his 80 leafer onto its side, however with morning sun drying the ground quickly the coil sprung 80" cars made light work of the section and most clearing it.

Sections 3 and 4 were along the bottom track and both sections catching several out with a tight 6 gate and a climb round the back of a tree which was getting people a score due to lacking in forward motion despite the wheels spinning hard. It was Russell who got as far as the 2, but with an impossible 1 cane, it was never going to happen. It was 11 o'clock by now so we had one minutes silences for Remembrance Sunday. Section 4 was a very long climb up into the woods and a long decent back to the bottom of the hill. Several cars getting stuck at the 10 cane and further on up the section a competitor got stuck and had to be recovered.

Coney Green (12).JPGAfter section Four it was back to the main field for a spot of lunch, where i believe Glyn signed up a family of new members who are keen to start competing in some RTVs.  I think they should build a CCVT car and join us instead ha. Moving back into the competition ground, sections 5,6 and 7 were soon completed and much to the disappointment of Graham Wooldridge as the ground had become bone dry and the sections ran quite quickly, "on Saturday laying out there was no traction at all" said Graham, however only a hand full of drivers clearing the sections, and the best score on section 7 was a 2,  by now it was only around 2 pm so Hamish and Tom suggested they headed back down to the woods near the field and quickly set out another 2 sections. Considering this sections had not been tested they ran quite well with some challenging hills and drops. Section 9 had quite a long climb with a tree routed crest which was catching several people out, not being able to climb out at the top, always interesting getting back down from a situation like this in reverse.  The final car through was Mat Richmond, Mat goes way back in the MROC competing in the mid 90's Hillrallys and many MROC events in his Qt 88.  Mat returned to CCVT with his son James in a very nicely turned out Whitbread coil sprung 80" finished off in a fantastic camouflage wrap. Mat didn't quite make it out the top of the bank, slipping sideways and luckily getting wedge against a tree with a considerable gap between his passenger front wheel and the ground. an influx of people came running to Mats car to grab onto it to reduce his risk of rolling back wards down the hill. Hamish ran to get his car to carry out a swift recover of the stricken 80.  Well done Mat, glad your return didn't go with a bang.

Coney Green (6).JPGAll in all i think everyone had a good day out with a very varied score sheet.  Thanks again to the layers out and marshals, also Coney Green Farm for allowing us to use this site, this site was found by the Wooldridge brothers probably around 25 years ago, so great that we can still use it. It does however look a little different now as there is a lot of activity here from other off road clubs though out every year. 
Glyn carried out the prize giving and closing speech, but the trophy's were with Carl who was still out with the RTV boys.  i will have them at Newmans Quarry and will hand them out to the winners there.

Next and last event this year is Newmans Quarry on 9th Dec, Carl Glover has kindly agreed to lay out helped by yours truly. I hope everyone can make it, and bring a friend, they might just enjoy it and want to get involved!!  I'm hoping we can get the numbers of competitors up next year,  several regulars didn't attend this trial for whatever reason, hopefully next year my Qt 80" will be ready so myself and my wife will be trialing. Mat Richmonds son will have passed his driving test and he will also be competing. Mick Gillet still has a Qt 80 part built in his garage that he and Martin Gallis started to build before Martin became unwell, so hopefully Mick can get that build some time and also join us.  It would be nice to get up into the 20s area and you never know, we might get 2 groups in one day, just like the old days!!!

1st leaf sprung car - Keith Wooldridge
1st coil sprung 80" - Glyn Philip
1st coil sprung 88" - Colin Dowdall

Richard Squires
CCVT Secretary

RTV/CCVT Trials and the Weather

Trials may be cancelled at short notice if the ground conditions are unsuitable. Please check the Website before setting off for a trial in case of any cancellations.