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Membership Update

Many thanks to the many members who’ve renewed their membership via the new DD (Direct Debit) system !

For info, more than 50% of you have used the system to renew successfully. No problems have been experienced as far as we are aware.
BACS, PayPal & Cheque will continue to be supported in the future, but individually have only been used by a minority this year.

If you fancy using the DD system next year, but haven’t this year, you can let us know at any time & we can start the process (it takes a few weeks to set-up).
No money will be taken until subs are due again in Feb. next year .
We’ll be reminding everyone again towards the end of this year, but until then you’ll hear nothing from me unless you’ve got a question !

PS : The National Rally highlighted a few members have forgotten to add this year’s renewal year sticker (2016) to their cards – causing them to be rejected as not paid-up. Please add the sticker if you haven’t OR you might not be allowed to compete or marshal on events !

Paul Muir