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Do you love Green Laning? Do you want to share your passion for the outdoors and lanes with others?

Why not become an MROC Executive! We are currently looking for someone to take on the role of Green Lane Organizer.

If you would be interested in organising Green Laning trips for club members to come along, but want to know more about being an Executive before you jump in, get in touch at and we will be more than happy to talk you though what it entails.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Urgent request from GLASS

September 2015

This is an urgent request to members that used to drive lanes in Mid Wales pre 2006 (ie before NERC). A number of old RuPPs are up for reclassification, some of which were very popular. The DMMOs date from 1991 and were never processed to completion.

One of the two was very popular. Unfortunately we’ve only heard fairly that reclassification is about to take place recently so time is of the essence.  

Please email as soon as you read this is you might have driven RuPPs in the area specifically if you ever drove lanes in the Nant-y-Moch area of Wales, please get in touch with and the (simple to fill in) forms will be mailed back to you.  These can then be forwarded to the appropriate Planning Inspectorate.

The two lanes that are most urgent were really extremely excellent to drive and vehicular up until the NERC Act came into force;  I had many hours of pleasure over several years driving these and they are well worth saving if that is at all possible, so the more user evidence that can be submitted by filling in the forms the better.  Photo evidence as well would be even better.

John Kesterton

Green Lane Update April 2015

Green Laning Report, Spring 2015



The TRO on Gospel Oak Lane near Atherstone (E-993 ) has expired.

The TRO included foot traffic upwards but there are signs that everything from walkers through to 4x4’s have been using it. Apart from a large tree that has fallen across the track, the UCR is driveable.

The tree has been bypassed, illegally, by using the adjacent field and the council will be advised and an offer to supply GLASS members to clear the tree and fill in some ruts.



A while back Tinkers Lane near Lapworth ( E-5994) was vandalised and the council were considering an Anti Vandal TRO. This idea has now been abandoned due to political changes and pressure from GLASS.  The council will now consider suggestions from GLASS as to how they will proceed with all the “E” class roads ie UCR’s. This is a step in the right direction as GLASS could finish with some input into how these lanes are managed in the future. 


Thanks to Roger Fairclough, GLASS Warwickshire rep


John Kesterton