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Wigmore RTV

Wigmore RTV 23rd July :

It’s now confirmed that the RTV is ON ! See elsewhere for directions / pre-booking.

We believe we have enough drivers to make it work.

Currently we don't have enough drivers provisionally confirmed to justify running Sunday's RTV
(NB This does NOT affect the CCV trial). 
If you're likely to compete if it goes ahead, can you please let us know by email to  or text / call to 07593 793 330 before Thursday evening when we'll make the decision if it's going ahead. 
We'll let drivers know via Facebook & email / text if you've let us know.


2017 RTV League



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Event timing info, regulations, scoring info etc, can all be found in our 'Supplementary Regulations' or 'SR's' Click Here to view the latest SR's - V9 Updated September 2016


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January - Buildwas

February - Aggs Hill - Hosted By CCROC

March - Avon Dassett

April - Eastnor Castle

May - Baden Hall - Hosted By SSLRC

May - Croft Farm

July - Halford

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Avon Dassett 2016 - Rachel White

I volunteered to for my first attempt at helping to layout on Avon Dasset as it’s the closest one to home, and didn't involve ridiculously early starts two days in a row. Brilliant, I thought, I can finally have a go at trying my Disco out off-road without the pressure of trying to get a better score than Gareth. I soon realised that one of the things I like about competing on Sundays is that someone has already tried out the route on the Saturday and checked that it was safe to drive!

We discovered, just after lunch, that a stock Disco 2 can't follow in the tyre tracks of a 3 inch lifted Disco 1, when Gareth expertly left my Disco rearwards down in a ditch, and after some tricky failed recovery (a bad call on my part) meant it had a few new not-improved Exhaust bends/splits/crushes.

We left the site in the 110, (leaving Ian, Dan and Poppy to carry on laying out in Dan’s Disco and Ian’s Jag), in search of suitable precision engineering tools from some locals, and returned to remove the damaged exhaust using a junior hacksaw...

Having completed this, we found Ian contemplating using his soup spoon to dig Dan’s disco out of a different muddy ditch, which they finally got free. Many recoveries were also made for Poppy’s wellies which somehow kept finding themselves stuck in the muddiest of puddles.

All motors (and wellies) successfully recovered, and 7 sections laid out - avoiding any damaging looking mounds and keeping well clear of all deep water.


I have great respect now for those who often layout the RTVs, seeing how much running around there is, and  trying to bodge a hole in the solid ground for canes that like to snap (with a bendy bodger), and how you have to run back and forwards again because you forgot to take the cane numbers with you. It is however great fun driving the sections and playing about,  trying to think how each person might go about an obstacle - and then seeing if you were right on the Sunday!

Thankfully the weather stayed dry, so Avon Dassett was still usable on the Sunday. I was a little worried, looking at the score sheet after the first two sections that we'd made it too easy by laying out only in LWB vehicles, as there were some very good scores, but the points started to get further apart throughout the day. 


Despite the slight damage to my Disco (which is all fixable, and is a risk of the hobby that I accept) I really enjoyed laying out and marshalling over the weekend - it was good to give back some time to the club. Id encourage you all to have a go at laying out, at least once!


Rachel White

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Avon Dasset April 2015 RTV

Avon Dassett RTV


15th March, apparently Mother’s Day, but it didn’t stop 15 brave souls entering the RTV at Avon Dassett. I imagine that a number of those present had been working hard to earn the required number of brownie points to be allowed out on a day that should have seen them hard at work in the kitchen! Certainly I had to negotiate hard and move the Sunday lunch forwards by a day to ensure a day of trialling was possible.


A wide selection of motors were presented for scrutineering on a cold morning. From a Series one, a couple of lightweights, a TD5 that sounded like a V8 and a very shiny 64 plate 110 to name a few. Visitors from both ENLROC and CCROC swelled the numbers and rumour spread that the JLR electric 110 may show up. Sadly it didn’t and Richard Banks was both disappointed and yet relieved that he didn’t have to inspect its Batteries were secure.

Seven sections lay before us, set out by Ian Ryan, Lisa Silvers and Alex Griffiths and it sounded like there would be plenty of walking as the sections were pretty long.

Section One was a long section as promised. Walking it confused a few as there were plenty of loops to catch out anyone with a poor memory. A nice easy drop down into some water started the section. Water and long looping sections would be a theme of the day. Cutting back round a sharp turn into a steep bank brought you back into the water and back out. The section meandered on along a bank and then looped around on itself twice, taking you up and down the back and across a nice cross axle that sadly caught no one out. The final climb to the one gate required a sharp right turn for the adventurous but a few took an easier line.

Onto section Two. It took me some time to get it into my head how to get from the 8 gate, through the 7 and onto the 6, good job I wasn’t first on section because it had the potential to confuse the unwary. Driving it though, the section flowed really well, a good drop down a bank and a couple of side slopes to keep you on your toes. The shiny 110 got a good run at this section and made it to the one gate making up the difficult start to the day on section one. The turning circle was vast and would make Andrew the driver work hard all day and I would imagine that the lock stops on the front axle are now wound in as it made manoeuvring during the day a challenge on the tighter gates. How do you park a 110 in a supermarket carpark?

Section Three, my personal favourite. Through the 12 gate and a steep climb up the bank and down the other side. An 11 gate that looked easy when you walked it but all commented that when they got to it in a car, it looked much harder! Through the 11 and onwards, this section was going to challenge the long wheel base cars. Up to the 10 and onto a 9 which had a severe ramp over that caught out the 110 and one Discovery. The 8 gate saw a few waving a front wheel high in the air. Later in the section was more of the Avon Dassett water and that caught out Jim from CCROC in his lightweight. A quick Road Taxed Vehicle Trial (RTV) tow and a spray of WD40 cured all. The final gate on this section was a huge climb up a severe hill to the gate three quarters of the way up. Most stopped at the gate but a couple powered their way to the top.


Section Four. An easy drive up from the twelve gate through to the 10, down a rutted track to the 9 that required a sharp right turn. Most made the 9 gate without problem, but as I found out climbing out the ruts was hard and that was my undoing. This section featured more water and a section of what can be best described as deep trenches, take the wrong turn and that would be that so it was important to memorise the section. It was pretty rough around the last few gates with lots of hidden holes and ruts to cross, climbing up a bank to the two gate and finishing on the one with some unforgiving cross canes stopping you going too far and causing a few to score a one when they perhaps thought a clear was to be had.

Section Five was the cause of quote of the day from Nick Astbury of ENLROC when he chose a line through water that no one else had taken and ended up diving faster than the Titanic did. Sitting in the water waiting for recovery Nick realised that his Garibaldi biscuits were getting soggy and he really did need recovery and was keen to share this with all within earshot.

Section Six was found on the side of the hill and was pretty easy up to the 7 gate which was tighter, featured a tree and had a bit of a bank to climb over on the exit, the 110 just about inched its way round without needing a shunt. The 6 was at the top of the hill and led you back down a rutted track, having learnt my lesson from section 4 I stayed out the ruts this time and was able to make the sharp turn at the bottom of the track. Ryan nearly missed the turn to the 2 gate but somehow recovered whilst moving a pretty sizable boulder in the process.

Section Seven should have seen the drivers issued with maps and packed lunches to walk the section as it seemed to take in most of the site. Andrew in the 110 finished with a two on the section, had he made it through the gate I am pretty sure he was on for a clear. The secret to the section was getting the line right through the 3 set you up for the 2 nicely and then the 1 gate, Undone by Land Rovers “conservative” lock stop settings without doubt!

With that lot done it was down to who had won. SWB leaf had a tie for first but was settled by the number of clears. Nick “Titanic” Astbury having one more clear than Pete Hares was declared winner. SWB coil wasn’t so simple to sort as both Will Baker and Alex Garton had cleared every section on the day so the decision was made to return to Section three and run it in reverse with a couple of tweaks where required. Will went first and got caught by the 8 gate, Alex ran next and got caught by the same gate. It was either run it again or resort to arm wrestling. On running it the second time Alex just edged Will to take the win.

In summary, a cracking day with sections that were fun to drive for RTV and well laid out by Ian and his helpers. A good full day of driving and home in time with a quick stop at the garage for flowers as compensation because it was mother’s day...


Ian Walker