Midland Rover Owners Club

The MROC (Midland Rover Owners Club) is the club for all Rover owners around the Midlands - and we have members worldwide too!

The Midland Rover Owners' Club can rightfully claim to be the senior club in the ALRC. The Land Rover Owners' Club was formed at a meeting early in 1954, which was attended by about a dozen enthusiasts. With the backing of the Rover Company, the Club grew and other centres were established.

In 1967 the Club was reorganised and the Rover Company formed the Rover Owners' Association, which is now the ALRC (Association of Land Rover Clubs). The MROC has been one of the largest clubs in the Association since its inception. 

Regular social, green-lane and competitive events are held throughout the year.  

Caravaning and Camping

Quite a large number of club members enjoy the caravan rallies, which are held from January to December. Some meetings are quiet and peaceful, whilst others are linked to competitive events.  


MROC's Recovery is a popular section of the club, supplying drivers and vehicles for recovery and transport purposes at events such as point to points, hill trials, charity events, or any event where the organisers require a transport facility or vehicle recovery facilities - especially under off-road conditions.  


A relatively new section set up to assist our local communities when they are in need, usually severe weather related but assistance is offered for any civil emergency such as area evacuation or transport in the event of serious accident not easily accessible by road.  Working in partnership with local authorities to enable them to continue delivering some of their essential services when required, trained & DBS checked volunteers offer a 24/7 callout in the West Midlands and adjoining counties.  

Play Days

Club Open Days, or Play Days, are organised on a regular basis to give drivers a chance to drive their vehicles off-road, keeping as clean or getting as muddy as they like! Usually open to non-members and other marques of vehicle too.  

Green Lanes

Green lane trips are a regular feature, carefully organised by the MROC Rights Of Way Officer. These can be driving days or weekends and are great fun, with friendly people and fantastic countryside views.  

Road Taxed Vehicle Trials (RTV’s)

RTV’s are the first real stage in off-road competition. They are designed to be non-damaging and require no modifications to vehicles in order to take part. A series of set courses are driven, points are given per section, with prize giving at the end of the day.  

Cross-Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT’s)

CCVT’s mean that the vehicle has to be fitted with a roll-cage and meet ALRC (Association of Land Rover Clubs) specifications. Similar to, but tougher than RTV, a series of set courses are driven, again with points given per section and prize giving at the end of the day.  

Comp Safari and Time Trials

The MROC does not currently lay out these trials due to their specialised nature.

53 years and still living the dream
1967 - 2020
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