We’re finally re-starting MROC RTV & CCV trials after 7 months of inactivity.
There will be separate RTV & CCV trials at Croft Farm near Malvern on Sunday 20th September (See WHAT’S ON >> DIRECTIONS on the website for site location info).

Due to COVID-19 risks & new Motorsport UK Guidelines there are modifications to the way things need to operate.
Please read the “Modifications to MROC CCV & RTV ASRs (Additional Supplementary Regulations)” document linked here to ensure you understand them & are happy to comply.

Please bear with us in the short term as we’ve had to create a lot of documents etc to make all of this work as intended. If you find something that doesn’t make sense or you have other questions, please ask us via an email to trialscoordinator@mroc.co.uk.


Potential Marshals / Officials : Please note that we’re no longer permitted to “Sign-On” marshals / officials on event day.
We still need volunteers though, so please have a read of the Modifications document mentioned above & fill out the Pre-booking form below if you’re happy to volunteer ahead of event day (it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes).

NB : A few other Clubs have already run trials successfully to the new Ms UK guidelines & MROC drivers who’ve attend have said that they’ve all run well & the events have been enjoyable.

To Pre-book as a Driver /Passenger / navigator or Marshal / Official please use the form below.
You should receive a brief email response from our system confirming receipt immediately.
We’ll then provide another email response within 12 hours providing more detailed information for driver entry fee payment (if relevant) & Signing-On.