Midland Rover Owners Club - Other Activites

4x4 Response

MROC 4x4 Response is one of many 4x4 response groups across the UK forming part of a growing National network of volunteers as a member group of Response UK.
4x4 Response is involved in assisting Local Authorities, local communities & the Emergency Services in time of need.
MROC Members with a suitable vehicle can join this sub-group of the Club free, but subject to various training requirements etc.

A full website for our Response section can be found here:

Caravan and Camping

These events are open to all MROC members who camp with Tents, Motor Campers and Caravans. Camping at bigger events can be open to non members too.

Our mixed Calendar of events varies, with some Camping rallies run in conjunction with the Club's trials events, to the ALRC National & The Majors, Steam Fairs, plus some quiet weekend rallies, which are normally near to a Pub or places of interest.
We typically have holiday rallies in May, August and October.

Rallies during the Autumn, Winter and Spring months will normally have some facilities such as showers and electricity hook ups and the Summer months do not.

We're always looking for volunteers to help take on an organisation role at specific events. It's never anything onerous as we try & divide up the various tasks & helps the events take place

Our C&C Secretary can be contacted to make bookings or for additional information via email: caravans@mroc.co.uk

Green Laning

Open to all MROC members, green laning is a social adventure - driving on generally un-serviced roads, tracks and trails that are open for motorised vehicles to use.

Despite appearing as off-road tracks, this technically NOT off-roading ! Green lanes are part of the public highway and therefore require MOT (if applicable for your age of vehicle), normal car insurance and a robust and road worthy vehicle.
Many of the lanes are well “off the beaten track”, although legal byways & would typically not be found / used in a normal 2wd car.
We never organise Green laning where there is a high likelihood of body damage. However, it is possible that overgrown lanes could cause minor scuffing of paintwork, but we always warn beforehand if there’s a risk & provide an alternative route around it, as we recognise that not all our members want the “well worn” look to their Land Rover & many have vehicles with bodywork in extremely good condition that they want to remain that way.

Typically we meet up at an agreed start point for eg 9am & aim to get back @ 6pm or so. There's usually numerous stops to admire the scenery, take photos or have lunch / a brew up & chat.

To minimise environmental impact we operate in line with GLASS guidelines, including limiting the quantity of vehicles in any group.

MROC typically organises 2 or 3 Green laning events each year. They normally take place within a radius of approx. 100 miles of Birmingham.
As examples, a few areas covered in the past have included North Derbyshire, Shropshire & Warwickshire & involved some fantastic lanes & scenery.

Club members also arrange their own events, inviting friends or other Club members too.

If demand dictates it, we'll organise more events, even weekends away with overnight camping (or B&B for the less adventurous!).

Check the Calendar for specific event info. or contact our Green Laning Sec. via email to greenlaning@mroc.co.uk


The aim of our "Recovery" activities is to provide support vehicles and/or marshals for radio duties, recovery units or transport on motor sport related events or any equestrian or other public event that may require our assistance with the running of that event where there may be a need for 4x4 vehicles.

If you're an organisation requiring these services, please contact us for more information.


Currently we have no Social Secretary to organises our socials. However, Committee members are pulling together a few where there's demand. COVID during the last 2 years stopped all separate social activity, but having a chat while at Off-road trials or Camping & Caravan events still continues ! Post COVID Lockdowns , we're asking members to let us know if they'd be interested & we'll try & put more on.
When arranged, they're usually advertised here via the "What's On" page & Facebook.

Typically, we've had a social evening every month (Drinks & a chat at a Pub, sometimes group visits to restaurants, beer and skittles, 10 pin bowling etc). They’re usually the first Saturday of the month. Locations vary to suit as many as possible of our members.

Friends, family & non-members are welcome & we can guarantee not all the conversation is Land Rover related!
They're often a good way for non-members to come along and find more about the Club.

We hold combined off-road trials & social events at Eastnor Castle (Near Ledbury, Herefordshire) typically twice a year – Easter Bank Holiday + Autumn. Many people camp or caravan overnight or longer & we usually have caterers selling food & drink during the day & evening.

Social events are usually free, unless specified.

If you have any ideas or requests for Socials, please let our Social Secretary know via social@mroc.co.uk.