Membership Renewal

NB1 : Application as a New Member is here.
NB2 : Renewal Application Form link is at the bottom of this page.

Renewal Timing

The MROC membership year finishes at the end of Feb. each year.
Members then have the option to renew their membership for another 12 months until end of Feb. the following year.
We allow a “grace” period until end of March before we shut off membership benefits if someone doesn’t renew.
If you joined as a New Member during Jan. or Feb., you don't need to renew until the following year.

NB Membership Cards state an expiry date of End of Feb. & the year, so will not be accepted as proof of Membership for competitive events after the end of Feb. – unless renewed.

We remind members of upcoming renewal requirements via the Club Journal, website & Facebook page. There are emails during Jan. for members who’ve expressed an interest in the Direct Debit option & reminders in Feb. & March for those who’ve still not renewed.

Renewal Advantages

Renewing membership whilst still a current member gives the advantage of discounted renewal cost.
Renewal cost is £25 for Full or Associate Members & £12.50 for Family Members (Discounts of £5 or £2.50 discount respectively).
The discount only applies for renewals made & paid for between 1st Jan & end of March.

Renewing (Re-Joining) after 31st March

If re-joining the club after 31st March of the expiry year on your membership card, you're previous membership has expired / lapsed and you need to re-join as a New Member. Membership Fees are as a New Member (£30 / £15).

If you re-join after a “lapse” / expired membership of more than 12 months, you receive a new membership number & card. As stated above, Membership Fees are as a New Member.

Adding Family Members

Family Members can be included for Renewal on the same form IF they are current members. If they are NOT a current member, they need to join as a New Member.
The form is not able to deal with this, so please contact us via email to

Application Form Content

The Full Member at an address should fill out an application form to Renew.

We need :

On-line ("Apply Online") is fast & easy (even on Smart Phones).

Applying by post / paying by cheque is possible - but Non-preferred due to handwriting interpretation issues, additional admin time / cost & the timing delays associated with postage & cheque clearance. If you want to use this option, you can download & print a form ("Apply by Post) OR print the form included in the Club Journal. Please attach a cheque payable to Midland Rover Owners Club Ltd with your filled out application form (the postal address is on the bottom of the form).
NB If you need valid membership in a hurry, note this option can take an additional 2 weeks !

Our system sends out an initial email response within a few minutes confirming receipt of your application form. This email contains details of how to pay (See Payment Options below).
If you don’t receive this email please check your Spam / Junkmail folders & contact us via if nothing found.

NB 1 : Please ensure email addresses are accurate OR you won’t receive the Club Journal . Club communications OR the membership payment request if using the on-line form.
NB 2 : If you switch  to our DD  payment option, an advantage is that you don't need to submit a renewal form UNLESS any of your contact details have changed.

Payment Options

Payment options are the same as for a New Member with the addition of Direct Debit

Renewal Confirmation / "Card"

Our system sends out an initial email response within a few minutes confirming receipt of your on-line application form. This email contains details of how to pay (excluding the DD option).
If you don’t receive this please check your Spam / Junkmail folders & if not found contact us.

If prior to renewal you have a physical membership card, we post out renewal confirmation & a new card "Expiry Year" sticker & membership windscreen sticker.
If prior to renewal you had a "digital" membership card, we email out renewal confirmation & a replacement digital membership card & post out a new membership windscreen sticker (this also applies if you request to "convert" from "physical" to "digital" card).
New card / car stickers / new digital cards are only sent out after receiving payment. All are sent out towards the end of Feb if received earlier & within 3 ~5 days of receiving payment if received later.

NB The replacement digital card will have a different background colour, image & expiry year to help quick identification of "out of date" cards.
If you're interested in "converting" to a digital card here's a link to more info.

Renewal Form

NB : Contact us via if you hear nothing back a few minutes after submitting an online form.