Competition Licences

Competition Licence:

A Motorsport UK Competition Licence is now needed by ALL drivers & passengers for ALL off-road competitive events (since Jan 2020). The only exceptions are passengers under the age of 18.

The minimum level suitable for Untimed & Timed Trials is the FREE, RS Clubman Licence.
Paid for, Higher level Licenses - as needed for Comp Safari & other Speed events - can also be used.

Adults can obtain this via an on-line application via the Motorsport UK website at For an RS Clubman Licence the on-line application is fast & relatively easy - just needing your name, contact details & Club Name & Membership Number.
If applying for the free RS Clubman Licence & assuming you have no complications,
a digital image (like a photo) of the Licence will be sent back via email within a couple of hours.
There is no "hard copy" of the licence supplied so you will need to save a copy of the image on your Smartphone so that it can shown at events if requested. If you can't save an electronic copy, you'll need to print a copy & have it available at events.
There is only a "hard copy" licence sent by post for the higher, paid-for options.

Certain medical conditions may exclude you from applying on-line, but there is an off-line application process which must then be used. This will take considerably longer to generate a Licence - so plan ahead !

For all drivers under 18, an off-line process must be used, requiring Parent or Guardian approval.

For Adults with medical conditions & Under 18s, download the off-line Application from the website prior to filling out & submitting.