Competition Licences

Competition Licence:

A Motorsport UK Competition Licence is now needed by ALL drivers & passengers for ALL off-road competitive events (since Jan 2020). The only exceptions are passengers under the age of 18.
Rear seat passengers in a TYRO under 18 years old do not need a Comp Licence OR Club Membership / Membership Card

The minimum level suitable for Untimed & Timed Trials is the FREE, RS Clubman Licence.
Paid for, Higher level Licenses - as needed for Comp Safari & other Speed events - can also be used.

NB For the 2023 season RS Clubman licence, some of the previously free benefits appear to have been removed, but holders can choose to UPGRADE their membership for £19.99 and receive a range of enhanced benefits !

Adults can obtain this via an on-line application via the Motorsport UK website at
For an RS Clubman Licence the on-line application is fast & relatively easy - just needing your name, contact details & Club Name & Membership Number.
If applying for the free RS Clubman Licence & assuming you have no complications, a digital image (like a photo) of the Licence will be sent back via email within a couple of hours.
There is no "hard copy" of the licence supplied so you will need to save a copy of the image on your Smartphone so that it can shown at events if requested. If you can't save an electronic copy, you'll need to print a copy & have it available at events.
There is only a "hard copy" licence sent by post for the higher, paid-for options.

Certain medical conditions may exclude you from applying on-line, but there is an off-line application process which must then be used. This will take considerably longer to generate a Licence - so plan ahead !

For all drivers under 18, an off-line process must be used, requiring Parent or Guardian approval.

For Adults with medical conditions & Under 18s, download the off-line Application from the website prior to filling out & submitting.