MROC Trials Entry

Event Timing Info, Rules etc


For most events is as follows (IF different, it will be defined in the Event Info on the website & Signing-On forms) :

08:45 ~ 9.30am   - Signing-on and vehicle scrutineering.

9.45am              - Drivers’ / Marshals’ briefing (& Entry gates potentially closed)

10.00am       - Trialling start

???                        - Trialling finish time isn't possible to define, but will vary according to the number of competitors, quantity of sections, ground conditions etc. (typically it’s between 2 ~ 4pm).

Rules / Regs :

Vehicle Eligibility, other rules & regs & event League scoring can all be found in our 'Supplementary Regulations' (SR's) below.

Click here to view the latest RTV / CCV SR's   

Click here to view the latest Timed Trial SR’s 

Click here to see COVID-19 related changes to the SRs & how we run our events

For TYRO, the only vehicle rules are that the vehicle is a Land Rover with 4 wheel drive, is safe & has a valid MOT.
Land Rover based CCV vehicles are now also permitted in TYRO for drivers of 15 or over.

ALRC vehicle regulations can be found on-line via this link :

ALRC CCV Vehicle Roll Cage regulations can be found on-line via this link :

Fire Extinguishers : See latest rules clarification in section below.

NB 1 : Please talk to an ALRC Vehicle Scrutineer before committing to building a vehicle to the above regulations as it is possible that changes have been agreed, but not yet included !!

NB 2 : We welcome ALRC “Q” Class RTV & CCV vehicles & un-licenced drivers of 16 (#1) or over at our trials if they have a passenger who has a licence.

Note #1 : Or 15 if they’ve competed in 4 TYRO events & have a licensed passenger.

Fire Extinguishers 

(Use "V" to open section to read)

Below is clarification of the current rules for fire extinguishers. Please ensure that your extinguisher is within the latest specification prior to attending any competitions.

The ALRC recommends carrying a fire extinguisher for RTVT and mandate a fire extinguisher for CCVT.
Beware : Some ALRC Clubs mandate a fire extinguisher for both RTV and CCV events.
It is down to individual members to make sure that they read the ASR’s for an event so they know what is expected before they turn up at another clubs event.

Fire extinguishers should be in line with the latest Motor Sport UK rules : Section [K] Competitors Safety: (Extract shown below)

3.2. Hand-held extinguishers

3.2.1. Where a hand-held fire extinguisher is required the vehicle must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher in compliance with 3.2.2 to 3.2.7 hereunder or with FIA Standard 8865-2015 (Articles 3.2.2 to 3.2.5 hereunder do not apply in the latter case).

3.2.2. Permitted extinguishants : AFFF, Clean Agent, powder or any other extinguishant

homologated by the FIA.

3.2.3. Minimum quantity of extinguishant : 

• AFFF foam : 2.4 litres (includes: FireSense, Zero 2000, F-TEC etc) 

• Gas : 2.0 kg (includes: Novec 1230, FX G-TEC/N-TEC, Viro3, Zero 360, Extreme etc) 

• Powder : 2.0 kg

The sizes shown are the minimum volume (litres) or weight (kg). The minimum size cannot be made up of two smaller units. It is permissible to carry one unit of minimum size and additional units that are smaller. There is no limit to use a larger size extinguisher.

Servicing :
All Extinguishers should be serviced at a maximum of every 24 months following manufacturers recommendations.

The rule applies to all vehicle classes required to carry a fire extinguisher, whether new or existing vehicles.

For full details please see Section K of the Motor Sport UK Blue Book. This can be downloaded for free from the Ms UK web site.

NB : Competitors using AFFF extinguishers should be aware that the extinguisher(s) must be suitable for Class B Fires, liquid hydrocarbons. (e.g. petrol, diesel and E10 petrol)

Event Entry

MROC RTV (Road Taxed Vehicle) Trials & CCV (Cross Country Vehicle) Trials can normally be entered by any paid-up member of MROC or another ALRC registered Land Rover Club.

The driver must have a valid ALRC Club membership card & Ms UK Competition Licence (both will need to be shown on arrival at an event).
See the separate section about  Competition Licences for more info about Passenger requirements - link here.
The vehicle needs to be compliant with the ALRC Rules & Regs. as above.

The exceptions are that :

Entry Cost

Only drivers have to pay for event entry.
Passengers are free,
NB Officials,  Marshals & Spectators also have free entry (See separate info section for Spectator info).

Specific trial entry costs are stated on the Trials Entry form.
Typical MROC RTV & CCV trials : Pre-paid driver entry cost ahead of the trial is £25.
“On the Day” cash cost is £30. If paid on the day, only exact money can be accepted (ie NO change can be given).
(NB Costs had to increase at the start of 2020 due to the approx. £5 increase of Motorsport UK Event Permit Fees)

MROC organised TYRO trials entry cost will only be defined in the relevant event info / Signing-On form (It can vary from £10 upto £20 per driver)

CCV Timed Trials : Pre-paid driver entry cost ahead of the trial is £30.
IF there is an “On the Day” cash option, cost is £35 (it will be clearly stated on the entry form).

Pre-payment of the drivers entry fee is preferred (Usually mandatory for Timed Trials) & ensures you have a guaranteed entry.
For typical RTV & CCV trials it provides a £5 discount vs the “On the Day” cost.

Pre-Payment can be via PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS) & is after submission of the Entry / SO form. Payment can be delayed nearer to the event – BUT no later than 24 hours prior to the event for typical RTV & CCV trials and no later than 4 days prior for Timed Trials (due to greater event planning needs).

If you elect to pre-pay, but haven't paid by the day defined on the Entry Form, you will be charged the "On the Day" cost IF there is a "Cash on the Day" option, you arrive at the event wanting to take part & we still have  available places.

If you can’t compete on the day or the event is cancelled, a PayPal pre-payment can be “rolled over” to another MROC event within 2 years OR a refund can be requested if paid via BACS. If you have doubts about your attendance, we’d prefer you to pay via BACS. 

How to Enter

To make running events easier, Entry booking / Signing-On must still be carried out on-line PRIOR to the event (Significantly reducing paperwork at events & overcoming lots of handwriting legibility issues !) .

To enter as a competitor (Driver or Passenger) please use the Entry form below to provide the necessary personal details. This is also your MsUK Signing-On Declaration (SOD).
** A parent or guardian must fill out the entry form for any Under 18 year old competitors. Fill out the form as if you are the competitor. The form will ask for you details as Parent / Guardian.
The form also asks how the driver would like to pay his / her entry fee (options as above in Entry Cost).
The Entry form MUST be received at least 24 hours before the trial starts to permit Site Entry Lists to be prepared. For some events, they must be submitted earlier (As identified on the relevant Entry form).
NB Payment is separate as discussed above in "Entry Cost"

Drivers & Passengers MUST EACH still submit an Entry form / SOD submission.
The same entry form is used for drivers or passengers. We use the submissions to prepare entry checklists & Driver Scoresheets in advance of the event.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be competing OR acting as an Official, it’s not a problem if you submit a SOD form as a competitor AND a SOD form as an Official
(see separate website section for “Officials / Marshals”. NB The officials form is much simpler !).

Please read the info at the top of the Entry form for any additional details ref site / event rules / timing etc.
NOT reading it is not an excuse if you arrive & aren't permitted to compete.

After submission you should receive an immediate brief email response from our system confirming receipt (contact us if our system response is not received within a few hours).

If relevant, drivers will then receive another email response within 12 hours providing more detailed information for entry fee pre-payment if you’ve selected BACS payment OR a PayPal invoice if PayPal selected.

NB : The Entry Form can ONLY be used for the next event in the MROC Calendar (As defined on the top of the introductory text). Future events can only be booked when previous events have finished.

Trials Cancellation

Trials may be cancelled / changed at short notice for a variety of reasons beyond our control
(Land owner request, ground conditions unsuitable, insufficient competitors etc).

Please check the Website / Facebook Group before setting off for a trial in case of cancellation / major changes.

It’s always easier for us to let people know of such changes if you can let us know you may be coming beforehand, it isn’t treated as a commitment !

If we have to cancel, any drivers who’ve pre-booked / pre-paid by PayPal will receive a voucher to use at a future MROC trial. Drivers who've paid via Bank Transfer / BACS can receive a full refund.

Trials Entry Form / Signing-On Declaration  :