Event Entry

Please note : There are some modifications to our normal event entry process to help reduce COVID-19 risks.

These changes are highlighted in red below and are MANDATORY to stay in-line with Motorsport UK guidance & the event Permits they provide together with insurance cover.

MROC RTV (Road Taxed Vehicle) Trials & CCV (Cross Country Vehicle) Trials can normally be entered by any paid-up member of MROC or another ALRC registered Land Rover Club.

A valid membership card for driver (& any passengers) will need to be shown during Signing-on & the vehicle needs to be compliant with the ALRC Rules & Regs.

The exceptions are that :

  1. Some trials may occasionally be “Closed to Club” & can only be entered by MROC club members (these will be identified on our Calendar) OR

  2. Some trials may occasionally be “OPEN” & can be entered by any ALRC Club member & specified non ALRC Clubs (these will be identified on our Calendar). IF an event is OPEN, non ALRC Club members vehicles must meet the relevant Motorsport UK Blue Book Regulations

All trials normally have an entry fee of £25 when pre-booked ahead of the trial (See separate info ref Pre-booking).

(NB Costs had to increase at the start of 2020 due to the approx. £5 increase of Motorsport UK Event Permit Fees)

Competition Licence:

A Motorsport UK Competition Licence is now needed by drivers & all passengers aged 18 or over for ALL off-road competitive events (since Jan 2020)

The minimum level for Untimed & Timed Trials is the FREE, RS Clubman Licence.

Adults can obtain this via an on-line application via the Motorsport UK website at

Certain medical conditions may exclude you from applying on-line, but there is an off-line application process which must then be used.

Likewise, for all drivers under 18, an off-line process must be used, requiring Parent or Guardian approval

For Adults with medical conditions & Under 18s, download the off-line Application from the website prior to filling out & submitting.

BEWARE : If applying online, the confirmation & Licence No. required for most trial entries will come back via email in as little as a few hours. The actual Licence required at events will be sent by post & can take 10 days or more.

Entry Cost

Typical RTV & CCV trials : Pre-paid driver entry cost for is £25. “On the Day” cash cost is £30. If paid on the day, only exact money can be accepted (ie NO change can be given).

Timed CCV trials : Pre-paid driver entry cost for is £30 (There is no “On the Day” cash option).

Pre-payment of the drivers entry fee is preferred (mandatory for Timed Trials).

For typical RTV & CCV trials it provides a £5 discount vs the “On the Day” cost.

Pre-Payment can be via PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS) & is now separate to the Entry / SOD (Signing-On Declaration) submission. Payment can be delayed to nearer to the event – no later than 24 hours prior to the event for typical RTV & CCV trials, BUT no later than 4 days prior for Timed Trials (due to greater event planning needs).

We suggest Pre-payment to be delayed until 7 days prior to the event in case of COVID-19 or land owner issues.

If you can’t compete on the day or the event is cancelled, a PayPal pre-payment can be “rolled over” to another MROC event within 2 years OR a refund can be requested if paid via BACS. If you have doubts about your attendance, we’d prefer you to pay via BACS.

Passengers have free entry, BUT MUST still submit an Entry / SOD submission & MUST be from the same "Social Bubble" as the driver.

How to Enter

To enter as a competitor (Driver or Passenger) please use the form below to provide the necessary personal details & submit your Signing-On Declaration (SOD). The form will also request confirmation of how the driver would like to pay his / her entry fee (options as above in Entry Cost).

To minimise COVID-19 risks & meet Ms UK guidance, filling out of paperwork at events has been eliminated.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be competing OR acting as an Official, it’s not a problem for us if you submit a SOD form as a competitor AND a SOD form as an Official (see separate website section for “Officials / Marshals”).

Please read the info at the top of the SOD form for any additional details ref site / event rules.

You should receive a brief email response from our system confirming receipt immediately after submission.

If relevant, we’ll then provide another email response within 12 hours providing more detailed information for driver entry fee pre-payment if you’ve selected BACS payment OR a PayPal invoice.

Open the Competitor Signing-On / Entry Form directly or scroll down to complete on this webpage.

Event Timing Info, Regulations etc

Timing for most events is as follows (IF different, will be defined in the Event Info on the website) :

08:45 ~ 9.30am - Signing-on and vehicle scrutineering. Note #1.

9.45am - Drivers’ / Marshals’ briefing (& Entry gates potentially closed)

10.00am - Trialling start

??? - Trialling finish is not possible to define, but will vary according to the number of competitors, quantity of sections, ground conditions etc. (typically it’s between 2 ~ 4pm).

Note #1 : Due to the additional COVID-19 guidelines, this will only be our event organisers checking that we have already received your pre-event Signing-On form & payment. If we’ve not received these, I’m afraid you will be turned away & won’t be able to compete.

Vehicle Eligibility, other rules & regs & event League scoring can all be found in our 'Supplementary Regulations' (SR's)

Click here to view the latest RTV / CCV SR's

Click here to view the latest Timed Trial SR’s

Click here to see COVID-19 related changes to the SRs & how we run our events

ALRC vehicle regulations can be found on-line via this link :

ALRC CCV Vehicle Roll Cage regulations can be found on-line via this link :

NB 1 : Please talk to an ALRC Vehicle Scrutineer before committing to building a vehicle to the above regulations as it is possible that changes have been agreed, but not yet included !!

NB 2 : We welcome ALRC “Q” Class RTV vehicles & unlicenced drivers of 16 (#1) or over at our trials if they have a passenger who has a licence.

Note #1 : Or 15 if they’ve competed in 4 TYRO events & have a licensed passenger.

Laying Out of Trials

Most of our Club RTV trials are normally laid out by 2 or 3 volunteers the day before the trial.

To reduce the likelihood of having to cancel events due to lack of “Layers Out” & to share out the laying out activity during the year, an MROC RTV driver must lay out / help lay out at least 1 MROC organised RTV during the year to be eligible for RTV League Awards / Trophies.

It doesn’t mean you have to lay out in order to compete !

This shouldn't put any drivers off, as even if you're not sure what's involved, we can provide guidance from experienced Layers Out & it will only take up 4 or 5 hours of the Saturday before a trial.

It's a great way of getting an extra days off-roading for FREE & it’s very satisfying to set the driving challenge for your fellow competitors.

If you’d like to Lay Out for a specific event or find out what’s involved, please get in touch with us at -

Trials Cancellation

Trials may be cancelled / changed at short notice for a variety of reasons beyond our control

(Land owner request, ground conditions unsuitable, insufficient competitors etc).

Please check the Website / Facebook Group before setting off for a trial in case of any cancellations / major changes.

It’s always easier for us to let people know of such changes if you can let us know beforehand you may be coming, it isn’t treated as a commitment !

If we have to cancel, any drivers who’ve pre-booked / pre-paid will receive a voucher to use at a future MROC trial.

Competition Entry Form