Frequently Asked Questions

Here we've answered questions about the Midland Rover Owners Club online and at our events. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

How big is the club?

The Club is one of the largest Land Rover related clubs in the UK, with over 250 members spread around the West Midlands & some much further afield and even outside of the UK. Of the 250 members perhaps up to 100 participate in the different activities. Some join just because there can be insurance reductions for being part of an owners club! Members own Land Rover vehicles from 1940’s Series 1s, through Defenders, Discoverys, Freelanders & Range Rovers / Range Rover Sports through to competition “Specials” based on a Land Rover chassis & running gear.

Do you have trialling events?

Yes, we organise RTV, CCVT & occasional TYRO trials competitions. We also do Greenlaning events a few times a year, support vehicle Recovery & 4x4 Response activities for other organisations / special events.

(RTV = Road Taxed Vehicle, CCV = Cross Country Vehicle, TYRO = Try Your Rover Off-road)

Why is the club MROC and not MLROC?

MROC = Midland Rover Owners Club.

Land Rover as a company was formed in 1978. Prior to this, it was a product line of the Rover Company, so since MROC was formed in 1967 we used "Rover" as part of our name.

Of course Rover owners are welcome, but the majority of our members are Land Rover owners!

Do you have a Greenlaning calendar?

MROC typically organises 2 or 3 Greenlaning events each year. They normally take place within a radius of approx. 100 miles of Birmingham. A couple of areas covered in the past have included North Derbyshire, Shropshire & Warwickshire & involved some fantastic lanes & scenery.

Many of the lanes are well “off the beaten track”, although legal byways & would typically not be found in a normal 2wd car. We would never organise Greenlaning where there is a high likelihood of body damage. However, it is possible that overgrown lanes could cause minor scuffing of paintwork, but we always warn beforehand if there’s a risk & provide an alternative route around it, as we recognise that not all our members want the “well worn” look to their Land Rover & many do have vehicles with bodywork that is in extremely good condition that they want to remain that way.

Typically we meet up close to an agreed start point for 9am & aim to get back @ 6pm or so. Of course, if demand dictates it, we'll organise more events, even weekends with camping (or B&B for the less adventurous!)

Do you organise pay and play days?

The Club does NOT normally organise these directly as the sites available are usually well advertised & easily contacted by members directly & will allow virtually anyone with an off-roader to turn up on the day – as individuals or a group. However, we know some club members do get together themselves & arrange visits to local Pay & Play sites such as Avon Dassett, Sibbertoft etc.

The Club does organise what we call a Driver Training day maybe once per year as a more disciplined approach to learning a little about how to drive your 4x4 off-road. At these, we have experienced drivers available to provide guidance & the event is marshalled to ensure minimal chance of accidents / vehicle damage due to driver exuberance etc ! This event is usually mid-year, when more consistent weather is likely & is open to non-members & even non Land Rover 4x4s.

Any social events?

Yes, we have a Social Secretary who organises our socials. Every month we have a social evening (Drinks & a chat for members & family, sometimes a meal, bowling etc.). They’re usually the first Saturday of the month & currently often held at a pub. Locations vary to suit all our members. Friends & family are welcome & we can guarantee not all the conversation is Land Rover related!

We hold combined trials & social events at Eastnor Castle (Near Ledbury) typically twice a year – Spring & Autumn. Many people camp or caravan overnight or longer & we usually have caterers selling food & drink during the day & evening.

Social events are usually free, unless specified.

I've seen vehicles with 4x4 Response stickers in their windows, are they part of your club?

We have a volunteer sub-group of 4x4 vehicle owners who offer their time and vehicles to assist in emergency situations where the use of four wheel drive vehicles are required. DBS checked, trained and experienced drivers provide 24/7 support to the Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire to support our local communities.

We have a separate website at if you’d like more info.

Is there a Journal?

Yes,the club publishes a Journal quarterly – typically including club news, write-ups by attendees at recent events, associated photos, latest events calendar, Club Committee contact details, members For Sale adverts etc. Members receive a Journal via email as an inclusive part of membership.

I've seen the Facebook group but can't see any posts?

We have facebook page called “Midland Rover Owners Club (MROC)”, which you may find useful.

It's a "Closed" Group, but anyone can join it without being a paid-up club member. Select the "Join Group" option & we'll normally approve the application within 24 hrs.

How much is membership?

Please see the Membership pages.

Who runs the club?

The Committee, with the support of some members, operate the club and organise the events. Everyone is a volunteer and the club is funded by donations and event attendance.