MROC : Frequently Asked Questions

Here we've answered questions about the Midland Rover Owners Club online and at our events. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

I own a Land Rover / Range Rover. What can I do with it ? (expandable >)

As well as the standard day to day use driving to work or supporting family activities, the choices are large !

Here’s a brief explanation of some of the choices – remembering that your cars 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) capability allows things many cars can’t do !  :

Holidays (UK or European holidays or much further afield) :

Transport to spectate at all sorts events 

– whether Land Rover or others. 4 Wheel Drive gets you to places many others can’t get to ! Dependant on what model you have, some can double as very good, high viewing platforms too !

Green Laning : 

Travelling along roads or tracks that are legally Public Rights of Way – but maybe not suitable for more typical 2 Wheel Drive cars / cars with less ground clearance (See our Green Laning section here for more info).
This can be a great way to see fantastic parts of the UK Countryside & Club organised Green Laning is designed to be a Sociable activity with other vehicles too.

There's lots more detail here

“Pay & Play” Off-Road sites : 

There are various sites around the country that that allow 4WD vehicle owners to pay an entry fee & then “Play” on available land – which typically will have lots of “features” to challenge the vehicles / drivers (typically including mud, water hills, side slopes etc). Costs can be as low as £25 for a days “Playing”. Some allow drivers to just turn up, others require prior booking.

These sites can be a very good way of exploring what your vehicle can do, BUT please make sure you understand the insurance implications before you book / go. As if you’re not experienced, it’s easily possible to damage your vehicle and as you’re not on the public road your insurance may NOT cover you ! Dependant on the site’s organisation, they can be a little chaotic & you may even find vehicles going in opposite directions on single tracks !

Well organised sites however can have different types of hazards identified & even “One Way system” in place.

MROC doesn't organise "Pay & Play" events. However, members often organise their own visits with friends & family.
MROC does organise more structured Training / Open days infrequently to showcase the various event types in 1 location & provide driver training.

Off-Road “Trials” : 

These are formally organised, slow speed off-road competitions for drivers / vehicles. Objective is to drive as far as possible along a pre-set course without stopping. Timing is not important or measured. TYRO & RTV are great fun to compete in with your road vehicle. Competition with other family members or friends is always a laugh. CCV trials are typically not for road vehicles, BUT are great for spectating. 

Lots more info. / detail in the "Trialling Types" information here.

As a Land Rover owner, you have a choice of taking part via Land Rover specific club events OR via Clubs catering for all vehicle manufacturers. Dependant on where you live or where you’re willing to travel to, you may have the choice of both or only 1 of the 2.
Due to the quantity of Land Rovers sold in the UK, typically there are Land Rover specific clubs in most areas – typically with a catchment area of 60 ~80 miles across & often with an overlap with adjacent clubs. Many Land Rover specific Clubs are part of the UK National Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) – which gives the advantage that as a Club member you can take part in events organised by any other ALRC Club. 

Non Land Rover specific clubs are often part of the these Clubs are typically  part of the All Wheel Drive  Club (AWDC) or directly linked to Motorsport UK (Ms UK).

More information & great videos can often be found on YouTube using it's Search function.

How big is the club?

Midlands Rover Owners Club is one of the largest Land Rover related clubs in the UK. More detail here,

Why is the club MROC and not MLROC or MLRC?

MROC = Midland Rover Owners Club.

Land Rover as a company was formed in 1978. Prior to this, it was one of the product lines of the Rover Company. Since MROC was formed in 1967 we used "Rover" as part of our name.

Of course Rover owners are welcome, but the majority of our members are Land Rover owners!

Do you have trialling events?

Yes, we organise RTV trials, CCV trials (Timed & non Timed) & occasional TYRO off-road trials competitions. Events are typically every month - either organised by Midland Rover Owners Club or our close neighbours Cheltenham & Cotswold Rover Owners Club (CCROC).
See Trialling (via the top Menu) for a lot more info.

(RTV = Road Taxed Vehicle, CCV = Cross Country Vehicle, TYRO = Try Your Rover Off-road)

Do you have a Green Laning calendar ?

Please see the Other Activites > Green Laning area for more info.

Do you organise Pay and Play days?

MROC does NOT normally organise these directly as the sites available are usually well advertised & easily contacted by members directly & will allow virtually anyone with an off-roader to turn up on the day – as individuals or a group. However, we know club members arrange visits to local Pay & Play sites such as Avon Dassett, Sibbertoft etc - either on their own or with friends.

The Club occasionally organises what we call a Driver Training / Open Day - more info here.

Any social events?

Experience suggests Land Rover owners love to socialise at our off-road events, but aren't that motivated by regular solely Social events. There's more related info. here.

I've seen vehicles with 4x4 Response stickers in their windows, are they part of your club?

MROC has a volunteer sub-group of 4x4 vehicle owners who offer their time and vehicles to assist in emergency situations. There's slightly more info. here & we have a separate website at if you’d like more info.

Is there a Journal?

Midland Rover Owners Club publishes a Journal or Newsletter quarterly – typically including club news, write-ups by attendees at recent events, event photos & results, latest events calendar, Club Committee contact details, members For Sale adverts etc.
Members receive a Journal via email as an inclusive part of membership.

I've seen the Facebook group but can't see any posts?

We have an active Facebook page.
Please see this link for more info. 

How much is membership?

Please see the Membership page for lots of info. about membership & joining.

Who runs the club?

A Committee of volunteers operate the club and organise the events with the support of some members. There's more details of Committee members here