MROC Facebook

MROC has a Facebook Group too - used for discussion about Club activities, vehicles, requests for help and anything related.
Here's a
link (You can click on the "f" icon too).

It's very active & people often post photos / videos within a few hours of events.

You have to "Join" it to have access & be able to see content / post or comment - BUT joining is FREE & is not restricted to paid-up Club members. See also below.

As the group is used by Club members of all ages, there are some basic rules about posting (defined in 1 of the joining questions) & new posts require approval before they're posted (usually within a few hours).

Adverts (Selling or wanted) are restricted to paid-up Club members only.
Other adverts are at the Group's Admin's discretion if we think there's a potential benefit to members.
Anyone posting SPAM / abusive content is likely to be tempora
rily or permanently removed from the group.

NB There is usually NO option to "Share" posts elsewhere because our group is "Private" .

Joining our FB Group

To reduce SPAM / time wasters, there are 2 questions asked while joining.
If they're not answered there's no access !
We normally wait a week before deleting
Join requests where the questions aren't answered.

Dependant on how you use FB, these questions may appear via your FB Notifications "Bell icon" (See example if you're not sure what we mean).
From experience, sometimes the red number doesn't always appear if you have new notifications !

We normally accept new FB members within 12 hours (usually a lot less).