Officials & Marshals

If you're ready to volunteer & understand what's involved, the "Signing-On" form link is at the bottom. Event specific info. will be on the form.
If you'd like more info about marshalling, read-on.........

There are various “Official” roles at trials for which we always need volunteers. They range from Marshals who monitor the progress of vehicles through the sections, Score Marshals who record each driver’s score, vehicle scrutineers who check the vehicles are in a safe condition through to Clerks of the Course (CoC) who ensure everything is arranged / in place for an event to run & then oversee the day’s activities.

For RTV, TYRO & Timed Trial events & some CCV events we also need “layers out” who decide the route & mark out the competitive sections the day before a trial.

“Laying out” is usually carried out by more experienced trials competitors the day before an event, but if you’re willing to learn, we can often put you alongside someone experienced to help them & learn at the same time. See the Laying Out section for more info.

All of the roles are necessary for our events to run & volunteering is a a good way to contribute to the Club & enjoy events without even getting your car dirty !
They're also a great way of finding out what the events involve if you're considering whether to compete yourself.

Activity as an official usually starts with meeting up an agreed location on site typically between 9 ~9:30 (sometimes earlier), confirming to them you're available. A role will be agreed & explained (If not done previously) & you'll be pointed at wherever you need to be. If you're new to it, you might be put alongside someone more experienced to "learn the ropes".
Trials typically have a driver & officials briefing by the "CoC" shortly before the formal start. This runs through any special features of the site, any specific safety related warnings and how the day will run.
Trials typically then start at 10:00 (some earlier). Dependant on the quantity of competitors & site conditions, there may be an agreed lunch break, but often lunch is "on the hoof" with everyone eating when it's convenient.
Trials don't have a formal finish time, it depends on the quantity of competitors, number of sections & whether numerous vehicles have got stuck & needed recovering. It can be anything between 1  ~ 4pm, but is typically between 2~3 pm.

Officials need to be 18 years old or above. However, we can accept 16 & 17 year olds if accompanied by a parent / guardian above 18 years old.

If you’re willing to act as an official, but need to know more, please contact us via email to

All officials at any event must "Sign-On" by providing their name & contact details and agreeing to a Motorsport UK Declaration to ensure they are covered by the Club's 3rd Party Liability insurance.
This is easily done via the Signing-On form linked below.
To reduce paperwork at the event, this MUST be done at least 24 hours prior to the event so that we can prepare a site entry list.

If you’re ready to volunteer as an official at a trial, Thankyou !

You now need to “Sign-On” via the online submission below.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be competing OR acting as an Official, it’s not a problem if you submit a SOD form as a competitor AND a SOD form as an Official.

Please read the info at the top of the SODOFF form for any additional details ref site / event rules, timing & event / meeting up location etc.

Immediately after submission you should receive a brief email response from our system confirming receipt. If you don't receive confirmation within a few hours, please contact us.