MROC Information for Spectators

Spectators are again PERMITTED at our events !

Spectators are always welcome at most of our events & it can be a great way of seeing what the club is about before joining the club.
Spectator entry is FREE.
If you attend, please obey Marshals instructions for your own & others safety.

The WHAT’S ON > CALENDAR link gives an overview of planned events.
The website Homepage usually identifies
MROC events or other events we expect members to be attending in the near future.

RTV trials (RTV = Road Taxed Vehicle) are a good way to see what standard or relatively standard Land Rovers are capable of off-road.

CCV trials & CCV Timed Trials (CCV = Cross Country Vehicle) demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the more specialised vehicles.

Spectating is free, but visitors need to understand a few things before coming along :

  1. All of our off-roading sites use land which is accessible from the public road, but may involve travelling from a meeting point close to a main road, deeper into the site, using tracks which are often not suitable for standard 2wd cars & not visible / sign-posted from the road.
    Due to space limitations at some sites spectator vehicles may not be allowed further into the site.

  2. For site security reasons, we often have to close / sometimes lock entrance gates before moving deeper into the site.

  3. Land used for off-road events is often hilly & / or muddy - it wouldn't be fun otherwise !

  4. Most sites don't have toilet or catering facilities. If they do we'll mention it in the event info.

Ref. point 1, spectators may have to walk a few hundred yards or more to see the vehicles in action. Sites such as Eastnor Castle may involve significant walking (1 mile plus) to get into & around the "action" !

For some events, we may have vehicles being used by event officials which can be used to transport some people around with us - but with very limited flexibility to take visitors in / out of the site at times they may prefer.

For insurance reasons we can’t permit spectators 4x4 vehicles into the deeper areas of the site unless they are club members & “Signed-On”.

On foot, spectators are free to come & go as they please, subject to behaving in a manner safe to themselves & competitors / others.

Ref. point 2, to ensure we can all meet up, spectators ideally need to arrive before vehicles move away from the meeting point, or if not possible, let us know prior to the event - so that we can share mobile phone contact details & arrange someone to come back to the entrance when you arrive.

Additionally, to avoid significant frustration / wasted travelling & because events can be called off at very short notice (due to land owner or club issues beyond our control), it's always advisable to check the day before an event that the event is still on - via the website, facebook page or with club committee members.

Ref. point 3, its always better to be prepared with either boots or other waterproof / strong footwear !

If you’re coming along to see the whole day’s trialling – eg typical RTV events will run from 9am until approx. 4pm ** - bring your own food & drink.

(** = NB end times can vary significantly, dependant on quantity of competitors, weather etc)

Don’t let the above put you off, it's always great fun & we're very social ! Please contact us & come along !