Midlands Rover Owners Club - Membership

Apply as New Member

Applying to become a New Member is easy.
Please see the info. below before applying - to understand key information about initial duration of membership, Family Members, membership year, costs etc

NB 1 The Application Form links are now at the bottom of this page

NB 2 If you previously had membership, but it expired, you will need to re-join as a New Member.

Renewing Membership

See the separate Renewals page here for all associated information. 

Try Before You Buy ! (expandable >)

If you’re new to the Land Rover “scene” & as you need to be paid up club member to compete, we'd recommend you come along to our Social events, spectate at our off-road events or see what members are chatting about via our Facebook Group.
All are possible without being a "paid-up" member.

It’s a good way to see what we do & whether it fits what you’d like to be involved in before you commit to join / spend any money !

Membership Types

We have 3 types of membership : Full, Family & Associate.

The Full or Associate member is the one who pays for membership & receives any correspondence from the Club. 

Membership Duration / Costs

Our Membership Year is from 1st March until end of Feb. the following year.
Whenever you join in the year, your initial membership will run until end of Feb. the following year.

New Membership is only £30 per membership year for a Full or Associate Member (If joining between Jan. ~ Aug.) & reduces to £25 for following years if you renew each year.
Renewal is due end of Feb. each year. If no renewal received before end of March, your membership expires.

New Family members (living at the same address) can join for £15 for the initial membership year, reducing to £12.50 for subsequent renewals. NB Family members can also receive a Journal via email. Family under 12 years old DO NOT NEED TO JOIN - as they don't need to be members to attend Social events or to be rear seat passengers in TYRO trials.

If joining between 1st Sept ~ end of Dec. cost reduces to £20 (Full) & £10 (Family) due to the shorter period until the end of our membership year. Subsequent renewal costs are as above.
NB We suggest NOT joining in Nov. or Dec., but to defer until Jan due to the limited membership period of only 3 months membership - unless you have specific need for immediate membership.
Likewise, if joining in mid August can be put off till Sept., you can save £10 & only lose a few days membership.

If you join between 1st Jan ~ end of Feb, we extend membership until the end of Feb. the following year – giving slightly more than 12 months membership.

Late in the year / early in the New Year we remind members via the Club Journal & email as membership expiry / renewal approaches.

There's a lot more Renewal info. here.

Adding Family Members

Family Members can be included on the same application form after the Full Member has added their details.
The form is NOT able to deal with an application for Family Members alone, so if you want to add a New Family Member please contact us via email to membership@mroc.co.uk

Application Form Content

The Full (or Associate) Member at an address should fill out an application form.
We need :

On-line ("Apply Online") is fast & easy (even on Smart Phones).

Applying by post / paying by cheque is possible - but Non-preferred due to handwriting interpretation issues, additional admin time / cost & the timing delays associated with postage & cheque clearance. If you want to use this option, you can download & print a form ("Apply by Post) OR print the form included in the Club Journal. Please attach a cheque payable to Midland Rover Owners Club Ltd with your filled out application form (the postal address is on the bottom of the form).
NB If you need valid membership in a hurry, note this option can take an additional 2 weeks !

Our system sends out an initial email response within a few minutes confirming receipt of your application form. This email contains details of how to pay (See Payment Options below).
If you don’t receive this email please contact us via membership@mroc.co.uk

NB 1 : Please ensure email addresses are accurate OR you won’t receive the Club Journal . Club communications OR the membership payment request if using the on-line form.

Payment Options

Membership Confirmation

Our system sends out an initial email response within a few minutes confirming receipt of your on-line application form. This email contains details of how to pay (as mentioned above). If you don’t receive this please check your Junkmail OR Spam folders & contact us if nothing found.

We email confirmation of New memberships within 1 day of receiving cleared payment.
We post out your membership pack within 3 ~5 days of receiving cleared payment .

Contact the membership secretary via membership@mroc.co.uk if you have any problems !

Membership Pack

After receipt of a membership application & payment, New Members receive an email welcoming them to the Club with confirmation of their membership number, when their membership will expire & other key bits of info.
A "digital" membership card will also be attached (more info. below). We no longer supply a "physical" membership card for New Members or those Re-joining after a membership lapse of more than 12 months .
A Club "Shield" windscreen sticker & Membership Expiry Year sticker are sent via post.
A copy of the most recent Club Journal / Newsletter is also sent via email.

Digital Membership Card  (expandable >)

The "digital" membership card is an Adobe Acrobat file which can be opened on the majority of phones / computers / tablets. We suggest you “open” the email on your mobile phone anywhere with good internet access, then view & save the attached card - so that it downloads into 

your phone.
You should then be able to view the card in future if requested to be seen at event "Signing-On" even without internet access - either via your email OR “Downloads” folder.
NB (For the more technically advanced) : The card can not be stored in the Apple or Google Wallet features of your smartphone

Here is an example card.  For info : The actual cards are much clearer / higher resolution & incorporate a few security measures to ensure copying them is not easy.
The digital cards will be  replaced each year after membership renewal. The replacement cards each year will have a different background colour, image & expiry year to help with quick identification of "out of date" cards.

Any paid-up member with a physical card & more than a few months of remaining membership  can request a Digital card replacement by contacting the Membership Sec.

Dependant on your familiarity with your phone, it's possible to create a sub-folder in your "Downloads" area or within your email "Inbox" to store the Membership Card & any other important files you want quick access to (Eg : MsUK Competition Licence).

If you’re not comfortable with using the digital Card via your phone, some members print the digital card & show the print-out at events.

Existing "Physical" membership cards : Existing physical cards will remain valid for as long as members remain "paid-up" & retain their card with an up to date Expiry Year sticker.  You will be provided with a replacement "Expiry Year" sticker each year after renewal payment is received. If you request a digital card, we stop sending new Expiry Year stickers at renewal.

NB Lost physical Membership Cards will be replaced via a digital card as we no longer have stocks of the physical card -   so please ensure they are stored safely when not in use !

Why Join MROC ? (expandable >)

Midland Rover Owners Club is a friendly, family orientated club for Land Rover owners & enthusiasts around the West Midlands. You can see the location of most of our off-road trials sites via the “What's On, Directions” page

It doesn’t cost a lot per year (less than half a tank of fuel !) & it get’s you access to all of our activities. We have something happening typically every month.
See the “Our Club", "FAQs", "Activities" & "Trialling" pages for more about what we do & the "What's On" or “Calendar” pages to get idea of what happens / when.

As a member you can compete in our off-road TYRO, RTV or CCV trials - as a driver or passenger (even spectating is a great way to learn how capable all Land Rovers are off-road & if you’re willing to compete there’s always a lot of friendly advice available).

Members as young as 13 can enter TYRO trials & 15 or over RTV & CCV trials (subject to some additional conditions).

You can come along to our camping / caravanning & Green Laning events.

Subject to having a suitable vehicle & training, you can also join our 4x4 Response Group.

As a well-established, very experienced club (in 2017 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary !), our events are safe, well planned & comply with all legislation / regulation requirements.

All members receive a copy of the Club Journal / Newsletter.

You can also take part in other ALRC club events without joining that club (you only need to pay any event specific fees & show your MROC Membership card)

Motor club members often get discounted car insurance (although we'd suggest always getting a quote before you tell them you are a member to be sure the discount is “real” !)

Windscreen Stickers (expandable >)

As part of your New Member pack we provide an MROC "Shield" Club sticker and a Membership "Expiry Year" sticker.

These are for potential use on the inside of your vehicle’s glass – facing outwards. They can be easily peeled off & re-used if you want to - as they rely on “static cling” rather than adhesive.

Application just requires the backing paper to be peeled off & for best appearance, the glass facing  side of the sticker wetting with water before positioning on the glass.

You can then use any type of (clean – lol) cloth to gently squeeze the excess water out & remove any air bubbles.

Additional stickers can be purchased if wanted at a cost £2 each (including postage).

Payment unfortunately needs to be via Bank Transfer (BACS). Contact us via email if required.

More info. ?

If the information here or on the “ Our Club" & "FAQs ” pages doesn’t answer any question(s) you have about joining, please email us identifying what info you'd like to know and we'll be in touch within a couple of days.

ALRC Green Book : 

You can usually get a paper copy of the ALRC Green Book (Rules & Regulations) via a Committee member at an MROC run event.
Please ask us beforehand to make sure we have one with us !

Application Form

NB : Contact us via membership@mroc.co.uk if you hear nothing back a few minutes after submitting an online form.