Laying Out Trials

Most of the MROC Club RTV trials are normally laid out by 2 or 3 volunteers the day before the trial.
Club CCV Trials are often laid early on the day of the trial with different sections being laid out by pairs of competitors. Interclub CCV trials are laid out in a similar way to RTV trials.

“Laying out” is usually carried out by more experienced trials competitors, but if you're not sure what's involved & you’re willing to learn, we can usually put you alongside someone experienced to help them & learn at the same time.

It will only take up 4 or 5 hours of the Saturday before a trial.
It's a great way of getting an extra days off-roading for FREE & it’s very satisfying to set the driving challenge for your fellow competitors.

To reduce the likelihood of having to cancel events due to lack of “Layers Out” & to share out the laying out activity during the year, an MROC RTV driver must typically lay out / help lay out at least 1 MROC organised RTV during the year to be eligible for RTV League Awards / Trophies.
NB 1 : This doesn’t mean you have to lay out in order to compete !
NB 2 : Due to the small quantity of MROC RTV drivers & COVID restrictions impacting on the quantity of MROC run events, we've waived the laying out reqmt for 2019, 2020 & 2021. This is under review for 2022

If you’d like to Lay Out for a specific event or find out what’s involved, please get in touch with us at