MROC Trials Leagues & Trophies

MROC Annual Trials Leagues

In addition to competing in individual trials, MROC drivers (paid-up Club members) can typically also take part in our Annual Leagues for greater recognition of their driving skills !
Currently, due to low numbers of drivers & events, the MROC Annual Leagues are under review to decide how they should continue. We'll update here when agreement is reached.

Late each year the Club identifies which trials events will be included in the upcoming year’s trials calendar & Annual Leagues (both RTV & CCV). Typically this is based on approx. one trial per month & we’ll include other club’s Interclub events that are within reasonable travelling distance and trials at the ALRC National Rally as well as our own trials.

Currently we’re  “sharing” some RTV trials on a regular basis with our neighbouring club Cheltenham & Cotswold Rover Owners Club (CCROC) to maximise the quantity of competitors & reduce the laying out burden to both clubs. These events are usually included for MROC League points.

Due to infrequent / low MROC driver entry, some events are on the MROC Trials calendar as a reminder, but NOT included within our League Results.

Drivers are awarded League “Points” for their final position at each trial in whichever MROC League they compete. Laying out a trial & / or acting as Clerk of the Course / Marshal is also recognised with League Points (See the Supplementary Regulations for more detail).

The website includes copies of the relevant RTV & CCV League Tables for each year, together with individual results tables for each trial included.

Annual Trophies / Awards

To reward regular attendance & good driver performance, MROC has various trophies that are awarded annually based on results in the MROC Trial Leagues & performance in the ALRC National Rally.

In RTV, to motivate regular competing, but not penalise drivers who can’t compete at every trial, the trophies are awarded based on the total of a driver’s best scores achieved in approx. 60% (#1) of the events in that year’s league.

In CCV, trophies are awarded based on the total of a driver’s scores in all events in that year’s league.

Various League Trophies are available for a full range of vehicle Classes (Eg Short & Long Wheelbase, Coil or Leaf sprung, young drivers & Lady drivers) to ensure drivers of the most commonly available Land Rovers (RTV & CCV) & newcomers are motivated and have a chance of winning something if they drive well.

Trophies are only available to paid-up MROC Club members & in RTV. The League based trophies are only available to competitors who’ve also helped lay out a trial during that year as well as compete
(NB This reqmt has been waived from 2019 ~ 2021 due to low quantities of events & drivers).

In the Member’s area of the website is a document recording all of the trophies & who’s won them over the years.

Note : #1 = The % may vary each year – See the League table for more info.